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friends with benefits

Listen. We like you. You like us. Flirting is fun, but let's skip the games and get right to the benefits, shall we?

earn rewards

For every $1 spent at Aslin Beer Co, you will earn 1 point — In the taproom and online*. Spend your rewards or save them up for an even greater treat.

Use your rewards on Draft Beer, To-Go Beer, Food, Coffee, Merch and more!
*Shipping orders and private events are excluded from Friends with Benefits at this time.
relationship status
There are two types of accounts - choose the level you want and learn more. 
Looking for something more casual? 

Looking for a long-term relationship? 
It's FREE to sign up. So why not? 
Earn 1 point for every $1 spent at an Aslin taproom or online.
Save the points for Aslin$ or rewards.
Save more, earn more.

FREE to sign up
*Get 50 bonus points at sign up*
Spend $1, earn 1 point, and earn:
100 points = $5 Aslin$
200 points = $10 Aslin$
300 points = $15 Aslin$
400 points = $20 Aslin$
500 points = $25 Aslin$
1,000 points = $50 Aslin$
When Friends with Benefits isn't enough, and you're looking to define the relationship, you want Mug Club. Members-only here. Gotta pledge (pay) to join, but the perks do add up. Each year you stay in the program, your rewards increase, with more points to spend at Aslin and increased benefits.
New sign-ups start at the Cyan-level
Cost to join is $200

instant benefits include:
$50 in Aslin$ loaded onto your account

20oz Mug Pours at same price as standa
rd full pours
(beers over 10% ABV are half mug)

Mug Club Days when members get a code to access additional points

Option to purchase add ons a-la-carte

Earn additional access and rewards for every year you're a Mug Club member
NOTE: You need a Friends with Benefits account to join Mug Club.
a-la-carte options
Deluxe  (additional for Cyan & Magenta members, included in all others): $75
  • Exclusive Mug Club T-Shirt (size to order)
  • Access to early/Pre-Releases purchase on BA releases & Cellar releases. Access to early/presale tickets for Aslin Events
  • Mug Club quarterly event at your home location
All early sign ups and  existing members received the Deluxe add on free of charge

Rewards FAQs

  • How do rewards work?
    • Order in the app or in-store
    • Link your credit card, email or phone # to your loyalty account to collect points or redeem rewards
    • Collect points: Get 1 point per $1 spent
    • Earn rewards: Accrue points for Aslin$ to use on future orders
  • Will I keep my previous loyalty points?
    • ​If you were registered with our previous program with a valid email address, your loyalty account has been automatically transferred over.
    • Your current loyalty points will be migrated as points.
  • How do I migrate my points and rewards?
    • If you already have a loyalty account, we can lookup your account at your next visit using your email or phone # and link that to a credit card on file - this will allow you to collect points automatically in the future without having to lookup your account or sign in
  • How are points calculated?
    • You are awarded one (1) point for every dollar you spend, excluding gift card purchases and discounted items.
    How do I earn loyalty points?
    • IIn-Store purchase: You can earn points with each purchase in any of our taprooms. If you’ve already linked your loyalty account to a credit card on file, the points will automatically populate into your account. If you need to link a credit card, we can lookup your account by email or phone and link for future purchases.
    • Web Browser Online Order: Be sure to login to the online order platform by clicking the login button in the upper right corner and entering your email and password. Please note that you will not receive points for tax, tip, discounts, applicable fees, or gift card purchases.
    When do I get my points?
    • Points can take 24 hours to be added to your account.
  • How do I check my points balance?
    • ​​You can track your current points balance by logging into the online order site and clicking the “my account” button in the upper right and choose Loyalty.
  • Can I earn points for purchases made through a third-party courier?
    • Purchases made through third-party ordering apps or websites (UberEats, Postmates, etc.) do not count toward reward progress.
    • You will only earn points for orders placed directly through our online order platform or in one of our store locations.
  • How can I redeem a reward?
    • ​In-Store: To redeem rewards, go to the "Rewards" screen and select "Rewards Card".
      • Present your phone to the associate to scan or give the cashier your phone number.
  • Can I redeem multiple rewards in an order?
    • ​Only one reward can be redeemed per order.
  • How do I view my rewards history?
    • ​You can view reward history by going to the “loyalty” screen in the app. To the right of your point balance click the view details button. This will show a complete list of all rewards earned and redeemed.
  • When do I get my rewards? Can I earn rewards and use them in the same order? Rewards are credited to your account post-purchase. If your order has enough points for you to earn a reward, that reward will be available for use on your next order. Please note that rewards may take 24 hours to be added to your account.
  • Can I see my previous orders and order them again?
    • Any order placed online while logged in can be viewed and re-ordered.
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