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aslin bourbon program

Now available at Aslin AlexandriaAslin Herndon and Aslin DC
our very own barrel select bourbon from some of our favorite distilleries. We'll be featuring classic pours, handcrafted cocktails, and curated flights, so come by the taprooms to get the Aslin bourbon experience.

bourbon offerings

Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Cask Strength

Distilled in Lawrenceburg, IN
Bottled in Ft. Collins, CO

~6.5 Yrs Old | 110.5 Proof NCF

Tasting Notes: Mashed fruit with heavy vanilla and sweetness plus a hint of maple on the nose, velvety smooth mouthfeel with a medium to long sweet and cinnamon finish. A dash of water activates the fruit and cinnamon even more.
old elk bourbon.JPG

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof - “We have the Deats”

From Bardstown, KY
EE “Deatsville” Rick
~8.5 Years Old | 134.4 Proof NCF

Tasting Notes: A PB&J bomb. Huge mashed fruit nose. Oily and quick palate that transitions to a long finish of peanut brittle and subtle fruit. Drinks near 100 proof!
Elijah craig bourbon.JPG

Russell’s Reserve- “The Transition” (from Wild Turkey)

From Lawrenceburg, KY
Tyrone Rick E, 4th Floor
10 years & 10 months old | 110 Proof NCF

Tasting Notes: Juicy fruit gum, oak zest, vanilla, burnt caramel. Finish is med-long, juicy fruit gum, leading to white pepper and some heat. A dash of water really showcases the fruit and brings down the heat.

John J Bowman - “2022”

From Fredericksburg, VA
Buffalo Trace Mashbill 1 & 2
~9.5 Yrs Old | 100 Proof NCF

Tasting Notes: Dried fruit, baking spices, hint of tobacco and dusty notes. Transitions to a classic brown sugar profile that coats the mouth. Finish is med-long, white fruit, brown sugar, dash of heat. Classic JJB brown sugar profile that’s balanced and above average nose and finish. Won’t find this on the shelf at your local!

Blanton’s - “2022”

From Frankfort, KY
Buffalo Trace Mash Bill 2
~6.5 Yrs. Old | 93 Proof

Tasting Notes: Corn pudding, oak, tobacco transitions to chocolate, baking spices, and orange notes and dash of heat. Give this a few days of airtime and the heat on the end dissipates. While not overly complex it’s a very sessionable sipper. 

Rittenhouse Rye - “Rye Here, Rye Now”

From Bardstown, KY
GG “Deatsville” Rick, 4th Floor
~4.5 Years Old | 100 Proof Bottled in Bond

Tasting Notes: A bourbon lovers’ rye. Classic Heaven Hill notes of cornbread, vanilla with some spice on the finish. A blend of wood, spice, and candied citrus on the nose. Sweet and Spicy!

Weller Full Proof

114 proof, NCF, & 7.25 yrs old

Tasting Notes: Spectacular nose of caramel cremes & ripe fruit. No astringency on the nose and ripe fruit shines. The palate is coating and oily. Transitions to allspice and rock candy. Finish is medium with brown sugar, cherries, no heat, and hint of tannins. What’s not to like here? Great nose, balanced, and drinks like 95-100 proof. 

Old Forester Barrel Strength

131 Proof 

Tasting Notes: On the nose burnt caramel and spiced fruit cake. Palate is coating and transitions to toffee with a nose notes, leather, and oak. Medium long finish. This 131 proof drinks like a 100 proof and will improve even more with some airtime.
old forester.JPG

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (ALX only)

From Bardstown, KY
DD “Deatsville” Rick, Tier 6
~8.5 Years Old | 131.7 Proof NCF

Tasting Notes: Nose is caramel, burnt sugar, candy corn, pie spice and cherries. Palate is very soft, perfect balance and drinks like 90PF. Spiced wafers, fruit cake, vanilla, cocoa nibs with a nice transition. Long tapering finish of fruit and spice with a honeyed note.
Elijah craig bourbon.JPG

bourbon flights

bourbon flight
“All in the Family”
  1. Blanton's
  2. John J Bowman
  3. Weller Full Proof ​
“Heavy Hitters” (ALX only)
  1. Elijah Craig “Aslin”
  2. Elijah Craig “We have the Deats”
  3. Old Forrester
“Staff Selections”
  1. Old Forrester
  2. Russell’s Reserve
  3. Weller Full Proof
“Sweet and Spicy”
  1. Rittenhouse Rye
  2. Russel’s Reserve
  3. Old Elk
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