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IZZI is the scratch kitchen concept developed by

Aslin’s two co-founders, Andrew and Kai, and Chef Taylor Gates.


After scouring the pizza and bakery scene learning, volunteering, and working in some of the DC area's best bakeries and pizzerias, Chef Taylor has perfected his naturally leavened dough and unique fermentation style. We spent the past year enjoying tasty bites in Alexandria and decided it was finally time for Herndon to get in on the deal. Enter, IZZI, an extension of the concept launched in Alexandria, rebranded, with its own location next to our Herndon taproom, and with an added Aslin Coffee bar and bakery. IZZI Herndon will be there for you morning, noon, and night...well, at least until bedtime.

Izzi Herndon

New at Aslin Herndon! Remember that old storage building we used to keep our bourbon barrels? Well, you won't recognize it now. We transformed it into a retro-style restaurant to house IZZI and Aslin Coffee, creating a new food and beverage experience for our Herndon fam. Come by in the morning for pastries alongside your coffee or tea, and come back in the afternoon for the pizzas made famous by Chef Taylor's ingenious fermented dough. And, of course, there's our beer. 


Built in to our Alexandria Taproom is a special window to pizza glory.

Featuring a focused menu of our amazing pies and sandwiches. It's The perfect compliment to a cold aslin beer while hanging out in the taproom.

izzi pgh

We brought the pizza to pittsburgh


Please let us know about any allergies or dietary restrictions. We make all our breads and pasta in-house;

there may be trace amounts of gluten on all cooking surfaces. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.

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