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Aslin Barrel Select

We’re excited to present you with an amazing opportunity to
purchase your own Barrel of your very own proprietary stout, aged by Aslin in our Barrel House, complete with your own adjunct recipe,
name, and packaging option.

This unique experience comes with a fully collaborative effort,  working with the Aslin Team, Kai and Andrew, during the 2-5 month process that will result in your custom Aslin Barrel-Aged Stout.

We feel this unique and personal experience is an amazing  opportunity that allows us to work side by side with you on creating a  truly unique, exclusive, and one-of-kind Aslin beer. Whether it’s a  group of friends creating their bucket-list beer, a corporate gift or staff collective, or an unprecedented opportunity to raffle and raise money for charity, this program offers value far beyond just the end  result of the delicious beer that YOU helped create.

To get it all started, fill out our intake form to request your spot in this popular program.  Spots will fill up on a first-come, first-serve basis. Then you’ll meet with either owner, Kai or Andrew, at  your convenience in our Alexandria taproom  and work with them on making your unique recipe.

Once your recipe is defined, we will hand-select four barrels for you to taste, which will continue to age in our Barrel House in Alexandria until ready.
You will be kept abreast of developments as your beer matures, takes on the character of the barrel, and has your specified adjuncts added.

Among the choices for your beer’s recipe are...

•  Adjuncts you would like to add: Cocoa nibs, Chocolate, Coconut, Ginger, Cinnamon, Raspberry, and more. The options are pretty much unlimited.  

•  We will offer a variety of hand-selected barrels currently within our barrel library for you to pick from, subject to availability.

*Note: if you wish to specify the type of barrel you want to use then the process will take 16-20 months and a separate consultation will be set up.

When the day finally comes and your stout is ready, it will be bottled and labeled in our Alexandria Brewery, with the name you have chosen.  As this is your creation, you are welcome to join in at any of these stages!
About a two to five months from now, you will receive bottles of your very own, one-of-a-kind, Barrel-Aged Stout.
*Note: Estimated yield is 225-275 (500ml) bottles, but yields are not guaranteed and will vary due to many factors, which will be discussed in your consultation.

• April 2022: Secure your spot & set up Recipe Consultation.
• April-May 2022: Recipe Consultation and 50% payment.
• Between April-July 2022: (De
pending on when your specific beer is
  ready) Bottling, labeling, waxing (waxing optional), and boxing.
  Final 50% payment is due.

• Base Stout: $6,000 + tax
• Price per Adjunct: $500 + tax

• 50% due at the Recipe Consultation with Andrew and Kai.
• 50% due upon picking up your bottles between.
  April 2023 to July 2023,  depending on when your beer is ready.

Please read the following documents competely and then fill out our sign up form.


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