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- under construction -

Coming in 2023, we will be installing a new, more robust Mug Club program. Our goals with this update are to better serve you and to offer our favorite fans even more rewards. Stay tuned for more info soon.
  • 20oz Mug Pours* (same price as a full draft pour. Projected savings based on 2 mugs a week is $650 dollars / year. 
    • Excludes BA & Mixed Fermentation Beers that may be on tap. All Beers above 10% ABV will be served as a half Mug pour. 
  • “Mug Club Day”  We will select a random day during the month, where MC receives 15% off their entire check
    • You must be in-house to receive 
  • Exclusive MC T-Shirt (available end of Q1)
  • Access to Pre-Sales for BA Beers and Cellar releases Please note that Aslin can choose to exclude certain beers from this rule based on our discretion (Previously access only)
  • 10% off Merchandise at all times
  • Early access to purchase tickets for Special Events
  • First Quarter MC Event 
As the new program takes shape, we will provide some sneak peaks at add-ons to your membership and other fun items in store for 2023.
Q1 Barrel Select Cellar Sale
Select releases back up from our Barrel Select series of last year:

October 20H29: Imperial Stout Aged in a Buffalo Trace Barrel for 26 months. Notes of Vanilla, Caramel & Fudge leading a Chocolate and spice finish.
119 bottles available, $20 per 500ml bottle 1 per person

November 20C26: Imperial Stout Aged in a Lairds Apple Brandy Barrel for 31 months. Notes of State Fair Candied Apples, marshmallow with a hint of milk chocolate on the finish.
83 bottles available, $20 per 500ml bottle 1 per person

December 20E02: Imperial Stout Aged in a Cognac Barrel for 29 months. Notes of Caramelized Dates, Toffee and Cocoa Powder.
96 bottles available, $20 per 500ml bottle 1 per person

Special Release 20I21 “a single Pappy barrel”: Imperial Stout aged in a Pappy Van Winkle Barrel for 31 months. Notes of Fudge Brownie, Hazelnut and Vanilla.
69 bottles available, $25 per 500ml bottle 1 per person
If you’d like to purchase, please follow the link below! Pickup and general release (if any bottles left) will be Friday 1/27

Look for them on draft at various times this year.


DC Mug Club Signup

Sign up here to be a part of the 2023 Aslin DC Mug Club.
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