Aslin Barrel Select

A Collaborative Opportunity to Create Your Own Aslin Barrel-Aged Stout


This program is now closed.


We’re excited to present you with an amazing opportunity to purchase your very own Barrel, to age your proprietary stout in our Barrel House, complete with your own adjunct recipe, name and packaging option. This unique experience comes with a fully collaborative effort working with Aslin co-owners Kai and Andrew as they guide you through the 12-16 month process of what it’s like to create your very own Aslin Barrel-Aged Stout.


We feel this unique and personal experience is an amazing opportunity for us to work side by side with you on creating a truly unique, exclusive and one-of-kind Aslin beer. Whether it’s a group of friends creating their bucket-list beer, a corporate gift or staff collective, or an unprecedented opportunity to raffle and raise money for charity, this program offers value far beyond just the end result of the delicious beer that YOU helped create.


If you are interested in hearing more about the program, submit your email below. Submission opens Monday, October 28th and closes Monday, November 11th.


Upon entering your information, you will receive a follow up email with a more detailed overview of the program within 24 hours, including recipe adjuncts, barrel choices, and pricing. From there, we welcome any additional questions! At that point, once we have cleared up any remaining questions, you will confirm your participation in the program by scheduling a meeting with Andrew and Kai at your convenience in December or January.


The Process


Upon sign up and confirmation, we will schedule a consultation with you at the brewery, or an online video chat if you are not local.  There you will work closely with Andrew and Kai on refining your recipe for your Barrel Aged Stout. Half of the program payment will be accepted during your first meeting. While discussing your vision and objective, owners Kai and Andrew will work diligently with you to ensure that your beer exceeds all your expectations. You will then get to hand select your Barrel (bourbon, tequila, rum, etc.), adjuncts and target ABV for your dream beer.  This is entirely your creation!


The beer will then take 12-16 months to age in the barrel in our Barrel House.  During this period, we will update you quarterly on the process, sending you samples and detailed notes on our observations to keep you up to date on its progress.  We’ve got a few other surprises planned for you as well.  


When the beer is ready to be packaged, you will be invited to participate in whatever aspect you would like: labeling, waxing, boxing, etc. After all, this is YOUR beer!

About a year from now, you will have about 500 ml, or 250-300 (yields may vary) bottles of your very own, one-of-a-kind, Barrel Aged Stout.